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EA Sports has released the Live Tuning Update for FIFA 22, an update on the company's servers that does not require a client change. Thus, users do not need to download the patch, all changes are made on the side of the developers. The creators have increased the speed of the ball with aimed strikes. Moreover, the shots were changed both within and from outside the penalty area. Now it will be much more difficult for the goalkeeper to hit the kicks from a player with a high power rating.

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Every fall, Electronic Arts sports fans are looking forward to a change. They hope for a miracle every time. Each time they get a slightly modified old part. The cycle does not stop. A typical story about an assembly line and how developers care about money, not quality.


To begin with, we were promised to rewrite the goalkeepers. Actually, they complain about them, probably, in every part of FIFA: goalkeepers really periodically behave completely unnaturally. But, for my taste, there is a logical explanation for this: after all, whether the ball enters or not, it is probably calculated somewhere at the level of characteristics and is unlikely to somehow depend on the animation at all. One way or another, in FIFA 22 we are promised a little more naturalistic behavior of goalkeepers - they will update the animations and add new movements. During the presentation, they did not say whether this would affect the number of goals scored or conceded, but it seems unlikely to me. It's just that the goalkeeper's movements will become a little less ridiculous in controversial situations.

The next novelty is a slightly revised sprint. If in the current FIFA you press the run button, and the ward linearly switches from a step to a higher speed, then now there will be a stage of sharp acceleration and subsequent leveling of the running speed. And, judging by the first frames, this will be a plus for the attack: the player with the ball will be able to accelerate sharply and leave from under protection.

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